Addictions are band-aids masking the immense pain the heart feels

Mike Carroll

What is addiction?

Addiction is craving a substance or activity intensely and losing control over how much control this substance or activity has over you. Even though you know it causes harm to you and potentially others, you feel unable to stop.

Addiction changes the brain which is why it’s so difficult to stop. Addiction disrupts the way your brain naturally registers pleasure and it also disorders the normal processes of learning and memory. These changes ripple out to your entire body causing a pattern of sensations and emotions that feel like a permanent state.

Addiction is formulated due to ongoing sustained substance abuse, which triggers a chemical reaction in the brain. This chemical reaction causes the person to be reminded of the enjoyable effects of drug use, not realising the long-term damage. Addiction overrides natural behaviour and feeds the memory of the drug. The lifestyle of an addict is then based on feeding the need for the drug at any cost and all reasonable and rational thought is removed.

There are two types of addiction: physical addictions such as drugs (prescription drugs and illegal drugs), alcohol and tobacco; psychological addictions such as gambling, shopping, porn, sex and gaming.

Resolving addictions is possible with the right help and support.

What are the symptoms of addiction?

You may or may not know you are addicted to something. If you suspect you are, then have a look at the symptoms listed below. If you know you have an addiction, shame and guilt have no place in your life any longer. We’ll help you acknowledge and accept your current situation while we support you to take the next step toward recovering from your addiction.

  • Repeating a behaviour or activity even though you know it is detrimental to your life
  • Neglecting family and friends and allowing these relationships to deteriorate
  • Losing interest in things you once enjoyed
  • Feeling angry, anxious, depressed and acting in a violent way
  • Reduction in appetite and sleeplessness
  • Stealing or doing anything you need to continue the addiction
  • Scheduling your life around the addiction
  • Unable to stop and feeling shaky or experiencing withdrawal symptoms if you do.

How we help you

The 12 step model used in AA and NA often doesn’t work

Much of the literature out there about addiction is no longer valid. The 12 step AA and NA model does not provide permanent and long lasting change. That’s because addiction is NOT a disease. Addiction is a condition, and like all conditions, with the right support you can uncover the root cause and overcome the addiction.

The journey to wellbeing from addiction is not an easy one. With the right help and guidance, your success on this path back to your health and wellbeing is more likely.

Our counselling services include developing a supportive structure that provides safety and security while you work through the condition. Our approach and values are based on love, respect, patience and understanding.

Our guidance and counselling will help you by:

  • Getting to the root of the substance abuse
  • Understanding self destructive behaviours and why they happen
  • Developing a structure of community, connection and communication around you to help you as you work through resolving your addictive behaviours
  • Help you build up your self-esteem and confidence
  • Creating a new vision of how you want your life to be

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The first step is all it takes to discover new possibilities for yourself.

Mike Carroll