Hello, I’m Mike.

Hi. My name is Mike Carroll. I am a 43 year old Australian born Fijian-Indian guy whose passion is people and the connection they have with each other and their environment. I believe everybody deserves happiness and to be the best person they can be. I have a “lived” experience of many aspects of life, working in drug counselling and online therapy in Melbourne and Gippsland with young people and adults.

I’m based in Seaspray, Victoria, but work with people throughout Australia via Phone, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime.

Here’s a little about my philosophy and approach.

Everything that is commonly believed in the community about addiction is wrong. Addiction is not a disease, it’s a condition. And like all conditions, the environment can change to enable a different outcome.

Many people come to me after they’ve tried different treatments including the 12 step AA and NA process. The 12 step model often doesn’t work because it leaves people feeling they can never master their addiction, that it will always be a threat waiting to take over at the slightest temptation.

This approach means you continue to live in fear of your addiction which is not the way I work. I want you to feel you have genuinely overcome your addiction so that it no longer has any power over you. I help you get your life back and then continue to make it better, by building up your self esteem and confidence.

When you work with me, you’ll be going on a journey of self-discovery.

Counselling is available as often as you need it. At the start it may be 2-3 counselling sessions per week which will reduce in frequency over time, when you’re ready. The plan we put into place to help you is tailored to you and your needs. At each stage of your journey, we’ll assess and revise the plan to ensure it continues to support you.

Mike Carroll
MC Counselling

I can help you through one or all of these three distinct phases:

  1. Overcoming your addictions
  2. Helping you transition to a normal life after ceasing an addiction
  3. Creating a new vision for your life after addiction

Call me on 0488 435 763 for a no obligation chat.
The first step is all it takes to open up new possibilities for yourself.

To your health and long term wellbeing,

Mike Carroll
Dip. Couns & Comm. (AOD, Working with Adolescents)
M.A.C.A (Level 1)
M.H.F.A. Accreditation
WWCC 1925787A-01